Blue Monster Electric Sharpener

This Blue Monster Electric is really a powerful that fixed with two kinds of stages-coarse grinding and fine grinding, multifunctional available for stainless steel //screwdriver.
And, overheat protection, Removable drawers, easy to clean.

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1-Two kinds of stage, coarse grinding(Brown corundum wheel) and fine grinding(silicon carbide stone wheel/Carborundum)
2- Multifuncional available for stainless steel / /screwdriver
3- Removable drawers, easy to clean
4- Overheat protection
5- Power switch with indicator light
6- Voltage/power:120/220V-240V 50Hz 60W
7-Certification: CB/CCC/ROHS


Please read all instructions carefully before use. Improper use may cause damage to your and/or
1- To protect against the risk of electronic shock, do not immerse in water or other liquid.
2- Keep away from children.
3- Place on a stable work surface when in use.
4- Disconnect the power when not in use or cleaning.
5- Do not attempt to sharpen other tools or speciality that do not move freely in the sharpening grooves.
6- Make sure that the and are clean and dry before sharpening.
7- Do not use in direct sunlight or humid environment.
8- Do not place near hot objects.
9- In case of failure, wire/plug or other damage, do not attempt to use.


1- Ensure that the power switch of the is in the off(O) position
2- Connect the adapter and power supply.
3- Click the power switch on (-).
4- Turn off and unplug when not in use.

Coarse sharpening: Use this side for dull /rough edges
Fine Sharpening: use this side as needed to maintain sharpness or to polish the blade after coarse sharpening.
Sharpen your blade in turns through the left and right grooves to ensure an even edge.

1-Hold your by the handle as if cutting food
2-Lightly place the in one of the sharpening grooves and guide the blade evenly through the groove.
3-The blade should make contact with the sharpening wheel at the base and be guided to the tip
4-Lift the blade from the
5-Repeat the same motion in the opposite groove.
6-Inspect your blade for sharpness.
7-Repeat steps 1 to 5 as needed until sharp
8-Turn your off.
9-Wash your with soap and warm water before use.


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